Aircraft Painting & Refinishing Service

HOVA Aircraft Painting offers a comprehensive list of aircraft painting services. We also pride ourselves in providing environmentally safe chemical painting and stripping.
Aircraft Painting Sanding

Our Paint Process


We start with a detailed inspection of your aircraft for damage or defects, including condition of all tips, fins and fairings, visible corrosion, fluid leaks, and anything else that might affect refinishing like signs of body work, previous repairs, hail damage etc. We also check the condition of all door and window seals, door functionality, antenna condition and operating condition of all exterior lighting. A detailed report along with pictures is submitted to you prior to preparation along with any recommendations for repair or replacement of tips, fins, fairings etc.


Next all windows, plastics, fiberglass, and other composite pieces along with all seams and gaps are masked to prevent stripper intrusion into sensitive areas or where stripper may cause damage. Once the plane is masked an environmentally friendly and people safe neutral peroxide activated paint stripper is applied to remove the old paint and primer and then removed by hot water. Once the aircraft is stripped a second thorough inspection is performed to identify any underlying conditions such as corrosion or hidden old body work or repairs. A report of our findings and recommendations along with photographs is provided.

All parts, tips, fins, fairings etc. where necessary, as well as all flight controls are removed for additional preparation. Once all aluminum surfaces stripped and prepared for primer, an aluminum conditioner (etch) and conversion coating (Alodine) are applied for added coating adhesion and corrosion prevention.

Prime and Paint

Next the plane is dried and wiped down to remove any dirt, dust or residue from the prep process and corrosion-resistant epoxy primer is applied. Additional high build primer is applied where needed for a smooth result, especially on fiberglass or other composite parts or areas. Bodywork such as filling dents and repairing tips, fins fairings etc. is also performed where necessary.

Three coats of base coat paint are applied followed by layout of paint scheme design and application of colors, stripes, and N numbers. From basic designs to exotic or split scheme designs pain staking detail is taken to ensure smooth, crisp lines and a seamless design throughout for a result worthy of display.

Reassembly and Completion

During the final stage of the process, we will reseal all exterior windows, apply wing and step walk where needed and re-install all tips, fins, fairings, and inspection panels using all new stainless-steel hardware. All flight controls will be checked for balance and reinstalled using all new hardware. Then, after final touch ups, detailing and application of placards, your planes new paint job will be ready to show off!

A touch up kit and detailed logbook entry with paint codes is included as well!

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