Aircraft Painter

Job Description:

Aircraft Painter is involved in all steps of the aircraft strip and paint process from start to finish including masking, surface preparation, body work, including Bondo and fiberglass repair, paint scheme design and application and can spray a variety of paints and coatings from base coat to final clear and topcoats. 


  • Prepare surfaces to be painted using abrasives, solvents, brushes and various power and air tools.
  • Mix and spray/apply primers, single stage paints, metallic paints, and clear coats.
  • Design and layout of simple to intricate paint schemes and designs, including aircraft registration numbers.
  • Masking for strips or other aircraft painting details.
  •  Apply various logos, placards and other vinyl elements painted surfaces.
  • Cutting, buffing, and polishing polyesters, urethanes and acrylic clear coats, paints, and other coatings.
  • Perform minor body work and fiberglass repairs on aircraft tips, fins, fairings, and aluminum surfaces.
  • Clean and maintain all spray and paint shop tools and equipment.
  • Assist in disassembly and re-assembly of aircraft in all stages of the strip and paint process.


  • Must have experience in aircraft, RV, automotive or industrial spray painting.
  • Aircraft paint scheme and design application experience is preferred.
  • Mechanical and technical aptitude and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail and a commitment to safety.
  • Effective communication and teamwork abilities.


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